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Welcome to the McGirr Family Website (variant names MacGirr, MaGirr, McGarr, McGerr, McGhirr, McGurr, Girr, Short, Shortt). If you are related to, or have an interest in, this family, you are invite to join in and share the information contained herein. You may also post your research interests, web-link or e-mail contact.


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All material contained herein is provided for the free use of those interested in the McGirr family; however, commercial use by anyone is strictly prohibited including, without limitation, the uploading of this material or contribution of any of it to commercial genealogy publishers, dot com companies and advertisers. Contributions to the website are welcome subject to the same conditions.

I am indebted to many cousins, friends and others for their contributions. This site contains some of the notes, commentaries and GEDCOMs collected to date. It is far from complete and will be updated from time to time. Readers are cautioned that much of the information contained herein has been only partially verified or not at all and may contain significant errors and omissions.

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